bits + pieces

We recently did a little interview with Inspired to Share, we are so happy to see the work of our wonderful artists on some of our favorite blogs, and we want to congratulate Kristin, the Simple Lovely giveaway winner!

shown: Crinoid Curios Earrings, Versicolor Peyote Stitch Necklace, Dove's Eye Tee / Asymmetrical Beaded Necklace / The Snake II tank / SHIP & SHAPE Studs, Yeah! Notecard Pack, Mini Hanging Planter


  1. Such beautiful photos, your shop has such lovely things in it! I will definitely take a look at that interview!

  2. Ah, you see, this isn't fair because now I want everything in your shop. STOP being so great. Clearly I jest... but seriously, you're eye is awesome.