a little bird told me so

How do I let my bewildered lover know that I'd like something for Valentines Day?  You may ask...

❤ timing. Make sure you start dropping hints early enough, sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in.   ❤ Social networking.  Go ahead and grab an image of that dullDiamond necklace you love so much, repost it on your blog, on facebook, pinterest, and declare your love! Then leave that page open on your computer.  ❤ Be bold. Go ahead and shout from the other room; "OMG! I love these Cotton Bloomers on SHIP & SHAPE dot com!!!" ❤ Competition. "Bobby got Betty that beautiful necklace on SHIP & SHAPE, what a GREAT idea!" ❤ Hint hint. "I pretty much love EVERYTHING from this website, Oh hey! what do you know, they have a valentine collection up!" ❤ Write it down. There is no shame with leaving post-its "reminding" yourself to buy those valentine candle holders.   Or maybe you can even send an MN&CO post-card, that says "honey, will you get me this? ps. I love you." ❤ That little bird. Lend us your best friend's email, and we can parenthetically whisper in their inbox what you'd like, then they can relay the message!  Perhaps we would even email your significant other, if you want to be so forward.


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